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This hail storm in the summer of 1999 took me by surprise.  I saw the really dark sky as I got home from work, and by the time I got up the stairs to my apartment, I heard a very loud noise outside.  I went to the window and saw this site, so I grabbed my camera (a little 35mm point-and-shoot at the time) and shot a few pictures. hail_99summer_n1.jpg (209996 bytes)
hail_99summer_n4.jpg (466367 bytes) Those hail stones were about 1 inch in diameter and up to 2.5 inches long!  I'm a bit surprised there was no damage to my car.
Easter weekend, Tyler Texas.  I was heading back to the Dallas area when I saw this impressive storm front to the east.  It spawned tornadoes near the Texas/Louisiana border. tyler_clouds_00_03_n1.jpg (56341 bytes)
tyler_clouds_00_03_n2.jpg (57433 bytes) tyler_clouds_00_03_n3.jpg (62740 bytes)



Take a look at some impressive hail from a storm on April 5th, 2003.